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Bob Bush -

If you have previously set up a community account—you can still sign in with your email address. You will need to create a new password. When you see this screen:
click the "Get a password" link and follow the instructions. Just like before, you’ll need to sign in to post questions or answers.
If you have posted to the community before—You may not see a question that you have previously posted. We weren’t able to bring all the posts from the previous community over to this one. There is a very good chance that a question you no longer see has been answered by one of the FAQs in the new Knowledge Base. Please click here to search the knowledge base for your answer. 
You may be wondering why we moved to a new community. In the weeks ahead, you will see many more changes that we think will give you a much better overall support experience. You’ll have a much improved search, more FAQs, and even see some new chat and email contact options. We think you’ll love the new flexibility. And as always, feel free to post any new questions you have, and let the community help you out.
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